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 Tuesday, September 13, 2016
 Little behind on reports but to sum up August was a great month lots of big trout and Mud suckers and Flounder , good ones to . September so far is about the same top waters have been slow way to much grass and now we are on some higher tides , which scatters the fish but so far it hasn't good limits of trout and mud suckers also in September . The new LiL Spoon lures are working real good any color works as well as the next , the rest of the month should be good and will continue to update reports . Great Days Out Ken

 Wednesday, July 20, 2016
 Winds finally died and high pressure moved just in time for Rick,Ger,Bud , first stop Monday . Started catching fish right off and never left the first spot , any color we threw they ate which is usually the case , tried some top waters but the grass is still a little to thick . If we get more days of east north east it should move the grass were we can use top waters . Can't complain to much tails worked great especially the lil spoon tails , they work better than croakers and a lot cheaper i think we used about one dollars worth . The second day we went to the same place but had to make 2 stops , for both days we caught trout from 20 to 27 inches and mud suckers until our arms hurt this week was indeed good days out Ken

 Saturday, July 16, 2016
 haven't kept up with reports like i should so i will give another summary of the month of July so far . July has been a normal one as for as catching fish ; the high pressure that popped up is still in play it is suppose to move this next week . Top waters are almost impossible to use ' tails have been good . Lots of fish on tails ' have had a lot of new people this year but the regulars have not come so this summer on bookings have been slow but to show new people the ropes of catching fish on artificial is great for me to show them they are catching the fish not just reeling in what the croaker or shrimp caught . Hope to keep up more on reports as i get some bookings looking forward to maybe catching the heck out of trout and mud suckers like we have been catching .good days ken

 Monday, May 16, 2016
 Despite the high tides and deeper than normal wading we are doing pretty good ,catching a lot of quality fish top water is hit and miss but tails are as always on . The weather wont let the fish pattern ,so we change plans every day if you find bait most of the time not many fish , then no bait lots of fish . But maybe the fronts will start coming less frequent , this looks like one of the best years in a long time . I know i said that before but the high tides short term makes it tough but long term makes it great , Terrell and Rick and Darrell with Gordy caught a lot of fish . The boys were non stop on catching we could have caught four or five limits a man in a short time , there is a lot of 16-18 inch trout and the dadgum mud suckers are all around now so hopefully they will stick around for the rest of the summer . Things really look good hope it stays that way as always Good Days Out Ken.

 Sunday, May 15, 2016
 After 2 days of fishing griffon tournament , which i do not look forward to , we caught fish non stop for two days . Lots of mud suckers and trout we didn't win but came close , but we caught lots of good quality fish which is more important than fishing a tournament . Jack and his crew had a great time which was evident by their smiles as they caught fish non stop Mike caught a 26 inch first day , but second day just couldn't find the big ones . But that is ok , the tides are starting to drop and the fish are showing up were they are suppose to it was a good two days of catching it was good . Hope fully it will keep up and get better as June starts , it truly is looking good for the summer , so come on down and get you some . Good Days Ken

 Wednesday, May 11, 2016
 Ger and Rick and crew despite high water and high winds we did real good , had good solid trout to 23 inches and a few mud suckers . The water is about 2ft above what it normally is this time of the year , and the winds are April winds but we managed some good fish . Now we have to adapt to the winds and water and it seems to be working ok . Ger had two days of good catching , Rick came on strong the next day . Rick will be back next week and ready to go i am sure , with the water high top waters are slow but tails are on like a neck bone . good days Ken

 Sunday, May 08, 2016
 Morgan and his crew came down and even though the tides are high and had to do quite a bit of drifting we caught fish for 2 days non stop they weren't all that big for you guys that want big but as i said before as the tides drop it will be on . From our first stop till our last we caught fish on top waters and tails , we had some good times for two days and non stop catching and lots of action and that is what i call a success when you have lots of action . Good days ahead Ken

 Saturday, April 30, 2016
 I missed a few reports for April so I'll sum up ,despite the high water and continues fronts it was a good fish catching month. Had quite a few trout to 28 inches mud suckers were scattered from the high water hopefully the tides will go out in May , so we can get out to were the fish are . I am looking for a good summer of catching and it does look good for just that , with the mild winter it has set the stage for some good fishing . Plan now and get in on some good action it is on now . GOOD DAYS OF CATCHING KEN

 Saturday, April 16, 2016
 Geoff and his crew showed up just in time for crappy weather ,winds blowing first day North at 18-20 but through the day we caught fish pretty much all day. The second day winds moderated a little but it was tough fishing , a fish here and there but managed limits again , third day was on even with winds SE 20-30 finished quick so they could head home , Tried top waters but they did not want any part of that so just stayed with soft plastic and just tore them up water was ok good in some areas but off color in most . Looks like it is going to be a good spring . Good days out ken

 Monday, February 29, 2016
 Well its a new year , and looks like it will begin as 2015 ended with good fishing . Looks like it is about 2 months ahead as for as weather , and the fish are responding to it . Mark came in for a couple days and right off on first day was slow winds NNW 15mph which changed fish pattern a little so got back on them late morning and caught our limits . But the next morning was different it was on one stop is all we needed , we caught small trout and big trout , big mud suckers , little mud suckers and even one flounder . Fishing is always better when you start the day with big trout and end with a big trout , top waters were slow but tails were awesome any color . What a way to start 2016 on fishing . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Saturday, February 13, 2016
 Weather isn't all that good but to be honest it has been great , looking forward to more people to share these trips it is good . Top water still a little sluggish but tails are on , but it is the time of the year sometimes that they get picky .After catching lots of mud suckers and good trout to 28 inches . not a lot more to add except lets go fishing . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, August 24, 2015
 Mike came in with his crew , just in time for the weather to be calm flat conditions are not always good all day but this time it was , the moment we got out of the boat on the first day it was on . Some top water but with the grass it was tough but the soft plastics was on . After the first day you couldn't imagine it being any better but it was on the second day , and despite one guy dropping his rod twice and the boy's setting a new record of 3 broken rods all in one day it was still a five star day's with trout to 25 inches and a few good mud suckers in the mix and a couple flounder missed again and all by midday . It is always a treat to have Mike and crew down it is always an experience as was this time . GOOD DAY'S KEN

 Friday, August 21, 2015
 Doc came in with Mike and their two boy's for their first annual father and son , winds were right and water good color everything again was right . The grass is still bad so it is tough with top water , but tails are still producing good catches . The first day was like the second Bill as always caught the biggest trout but all caught good fish , with trout to 26 inches in the box it indeed was a good trip that the boys will remember , and poor Butch got to watch from the side lines . Once again it was a five star day and even missed some flounder great trout , and some good mud suckers what else can you ask for . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, August 17, 2015
 Ger with buddy ,rick showed up for the tail end of the great weather and once again another five star day once again one less than a limit on mud suckers and lots of 22 inch to 26 inch trout . The second time this year with them that we whacked them , still it is soft plastics the grass is bad top waters gets a few blow ups but you can't work it very far . The next morning was totally different winds blowing at daylight and increasing all day , but by the end of the day we manage a limit of trout to 24 inches and close to a limit on mud suckers so the opposite of the trip before it was a 5 on the first day 3 on the second day . It was a great week i hope it keeps up through the rest of August , if it does it will be one of the best August i have had in a while . GOOD DAY KEN

 Saturday, August 15, 2015
 Dennis hasn't been down for awhile and he hit it just right calm mornings and light winds in the afternoon . The first stop i played on a hunch but didn't pay off very well so we continued to areas i had been catching but it dried up so we had to do some grinding but managed a good stringer by the end of the day . The second day was different we went to were we had ended the first day , and it was awesome non stop catching , and the first timers Dennis brought caught fish for two days non stop . If i had to rate the first day it would be 3 stars but the second was 5 stars . We had trout to 26 inches and one mud suckers less than a limit , it was outstanding , just wish we could do it every day but this is the day you shoot for . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, August 10, 2015
 The winds have decreased just in time for Will with his son and grandsons instead of 15-20 at daylight it was 5 or less . All morning we caught fish small ones on top and bigger fish on soft plastic , about 10:00 am we were finished . So we headed for an area that had some mud suckers and right off we started catching them i thought it was gonna be on but only one keeper the rest were small and not a lot of them . Went in for a relaxing evening and got ready for the next day , the following morning was dead calm with a little current it was on . Top water produced pretty good but the grass was bad so went down with tails which produced 1 28 inch trout that Matt had caught . After the first stop went to the second spot and finished off our limits , and headed in so they could head home and they were out by 2:00 pm . I always like it when a plan comes together and it did for Will and his son and grandsons some of the most polite kids i have been around in awhile . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Thursday, August 06, 2015
 Terrell and Andrew and their two sons came in just as the winds even got stronger at daylight 15 + mph SSW , was a little slow in the mornings . We still managed a few decent trout but later in the day was on with good catches of trout , in a couple spots it was non stop , trout to 22 inches , i guess i need to say the lil spoon tails did do well over gulp . Top water still a little slow with the winds and grass after catching most of the day we went in . The next morning we tried a little different area but the good fish were not there early , so we ended up at the places of the day before and we managed right at the limits but had to go in early so Andrew and his son could catch a plane . It was still a day of catching and most of them were like the first day good solid fish , the water temp is not to bad with the winds blowing it cools it down at night , everything is now right for the big uns to start showing up keep reading my reports you will see about when it starts , i think it just needs to get calm a few days . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, August 03, 2015
 The two hardy boys had book this trip for there dad Bob , and it went well the first days managed some good trout to 23 inches but the next day popped a 28 incher . Both days was catching and not a lot of fishing . Top waters brought a lot of blow ups but they just kept popping it and not taking it . So as usual any color soft plastic was on , at one point i watch them stand in one place and catch one after another , that many bent rods is always a good thing to see . Bob's boys and his son in law are great boy's it is always a good experience to have them down , i look forward to the next time . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Thursday, July 30, 2015
 Dwayne and his son and a couple clients came in for the best weather we have had in a long time . Calm winds and good water , the first day i made a mistake and tried an area that does produce when it is calm , and we did ok but the grass was bad . Spent the rest of the day fighting calm winds , we still managed a mess of fish . But the next day it was on winds still calm and we caught good 22 inch trout all morning and as has been the case were through by noon . We headed out to look for mud suckers but with the volume of boats that weekend ran them off . Soft plastic worked the best because there is still a lot of grass but who cares when you can catch non stop good quality trout that we caught , both days were indeed two days of catching not just fishing . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Tuesday, July 28, 2015
 Mike and his fishing buddy came in just in time for some pretty strong winds , it was a last minute trip . We fished hard and did OK the first day managed a good limit of trout after a struggle but we did it , the only thing that worked well was soft plastic winds were just to much . We caught a lot of mud suckers they were just to small but did manage a few keepers which made them happy . The second day was not as good and we pulled the plug early ,which was a shame because at that point the late bite was better. It was a good trip with a couple of real good guys hope they can come back sometime it is a treat to have people like that down as is the case on all of my guys that fish with me . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Thursday, July 23, 2015
 Brian and Jenifer came in for their first wading trip , after a slow start we got it together and started catching fish . The only other times they had went trout fishing it was with croaker and now they know you can catch fish with artificial , as i always say when you use bait the bait catches the fish , you just real it in . They both did real well and the second day was better for them than the first day it was very enjoyable watching them catch fish , i couldn't find any mud suckers , which i think was due to the large amount of pot licker's out for the port Mansfield tournament . When you have good people like this in for fishing it makes it all worth while , as a teaching guide i hope they learned a few thing and i think they did and i do hope to see them again . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Thursday, July 16, 2015
 Mike and Mark came in with Marks dad and Mike's son for their first trip with me and go figure the winds were blowing hard and the water wasn't all that great the grass was real bad . But despite everything against us we caught limits of trout and a few mud suckers had trout to 25 inches . After a long day of fishing and catching we headed in for a recharge . The next morning the winds and grass was worse , after struggling all day i pulled my head out and got it right and got in on a good pod of trout and caught until we got tired it ended up being what i would call a decent day , if i rated it it would be a 3 out of 5 no mud suckers . For their first trip with me we did good Mark for someone who has not fished at all like this did real well . It was a good time for all it was fun catching a few so as i say it's always better catching not just fishing . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN .

 Friday, July 10, 2015
 Bill and Billy came in , the other two guys had to cancel so it was just them , after years of fishing with me Bill has become a good friend . So if we have a bad day like the first he overlooks it , the winds were blowing at daylight to 20 mph and the water was not that good . After a day of catching a few trout and one or two mud suckers we headed in hoping the winds would be better the next day . Second morning we got our wish the winds died off to about 5 mph and it was non stop catching , we were able to get to a spot i catch a lot of fish at , and don't have to put up with the croak er soakers we whacked them so Bill decide to fly out early and get home , he had wheels up by 1:00 pm . As always it was a good days out Ken .

 Wednesday, July 01, 2015
 Darrell and crew came in on the heals of a great 3 days with the last bunch , so it was pretty good for 2 days we caught fish but its still a late bite Rick caught his personnel best 29 inch trout about 7.1/2 lbs and more mud suckers even the gulp guy caught fish of course he always does . Everything is being caught on soft plastic any color , a lot of grass top waters don't go far , but i will take fish on anything as long as there is action which we have had . But as in the past few trips we had one real good day and one not as good but everybody went home with a mess of fish it has been some fun trips , if this keeps up we will have to says year of the mud sucker . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Sunday, June 28, 2015
 Got tied up on a few things so got behind on reports so here goes . Tod came in early with his bunch and Craig came in a day later , we stayed up late visiting so we decided we would go out late , so about 9 am we headed out and as the past at noon it started and it was good mud suckers to 28 inches and trout to 23 inches . The trout were good solid trout and the mud suckers were also solid to 9 lbs trout to about 3 lbs but it was good action , went home happy . Next couple days were ok but just not what i thought we would do , managed limits of trout and only a few mud suckers but one day tore the mud suckers up Tod caught him self another good trout 29 inches around 7 lbs . So i would say it was a good fun trip , most of the fish were caught on soft plastic grass is pretty thick right now , and tides are low and won't be back for a month or so in the mean time we will keep trying . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Thursday, June 18, 2015
 Brian , Robert and Don came down for three days of fishing but instead it was three days of catching . First day we got the kiss of death no wind but we managed limits and many more of trout . Day 2 winds switch to NW so we took advantage of that and tried another area which paid with early limits of trout and mud suckers , day 3 winds switch and strong out of the SSW . But despite the winds blowing we managed a nice catch of mud suckers and trout to 30 inches , but well call it 29.6 inches . It's real good to have old friends and good fishermen to come in we always have a lot of fun and that is what it is about looking forward to this weekend with the next group . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Sunday, June 14, 2015
 After a long time of being over seas Greg came down to catch some fish , and despite the winds blowing we did just that caught fish . Conditions weren't the best with winds in the 20 mph category and water not to good but we did catch a lot of nice trout with no mud suckers to speak of just a couple . Greg did not loose his touch after the years away from the coast and the guys he brought did real well also , so far this year has been a good year of catching . Like i said in earlier reports it has been for the most part calmer winds of course were loaded up with tournaments as always but i still manage to get away from them and the pot lickers the bait fishermen (croak-er soaker's) . As always it's good to have good people down that enjoy fishing , and Greg does do that . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Sunday, June 07, 2015
 Winds for now are light in the morning and all the way into the afternoon which was the kiss of death for Shawn and his group as for as size. Every stop we made through out the day we caught lots of fish they were just smaller than we were looking for . Mud suckers we just caught a few in two days , but trout we caught hundreds , the full moon still has the big ones eating and running , and of course a tournament every weekend doesn't help either . But despite that the top water bite was fun and as always soft plastic was deadly , as the moon goes dark this week i am sure it will have a positive effect on the fish and the bigger ones will start moving more during the day . It didn't matter east west north or south we caught fish , we had a few 22 inch fish but that was all , the water temp is creeping up as the tides are finally dropping . It has been awhile since Shawn was down and as always it was a good trip with good fishermen , i look forward to Shawn and his group coming down again this summer ,if they get time off . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Wednesday, June 03, 2015
 Winds are calm water is cool how do you get any better , lot's of fish that's how Ger and Rick and crew came in for a second round . They both got there itch scratched , we caught trout non stop for two days and on the second day it was a mud sucker day , first day we found lots of bait breaking water , after a couple hours of top water action we left them biting . headed off looking for bigger fish but by the afternoon it apparent that the wind just wasn't going to blow so we settled for a limit of trout to 21 inches and most in the 17-19 inch class and no mud suckers . The second day went back to the bait just in case the big gens showed up but as the day before they were all small , left there headed to another spot but it didn't feel rite , so i played a hunch and went to an area were it had been iffy but today it finished the day quickly . After that stop we had limits of mud suckers and good trout to 22 inches , the guys were happy i just sat back and watched as they wore themselves out on mud suckers and took videos went back to the lodge early and relaxed , it was one of those days of catching . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Saturday, May 23, 2015
 After a calm April may has been very windy and rainy , but despite that we are catching a few fish and an occasional limit of trout , more than not on the limits . First day out was a little bumpy , and first stop had some decent fish on it and through the day caught a few but winds kept increasing through the day but still caught limits of trout . The second day was real bad weather moved in and it was late morning before we could head out , and when we did it was windy about 25-35 mph . When we arrived at first spot we caught a few little fish but when we got to the last spot of the day we caught some trout to 22 inches . after catching right at a limit we had to go in to drop Robert off so he could catch a plane . So three of us went back out to finish of our limits and Donnie did just that , so we ended up with another mess of fish , it wasn't the best trip but it also wasn't the worst . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Tuesday, May 19, 2015
 Theron and his crew arrived late afternoon we got everything ready to go and next morning headed out and headed for were the birds had been working , and just like clock work the birds started working . We caught fish all day no great big ones but just good solid fish to 22 inches . Went home early afternoon and got ready to do it again . Next morning decided to do something different , and about mid morning the winds stopped and we lit the fish up , it became a trout fest non stop action the winds started picking up right as we headed in so the crew could go home . The mud suckers that we caught were small and we caught quite a few , but that's OK when you can catch trout every cast . The weather held good for us first day was windy but second was calm so we had the worst and the best conditions , and caught fish all day both days . Good Days Ken

 Saturday, May 16, 2015
 Jeff showed up with his guys just in time for the winds that we haven't had that much of , but it is back . The first morning we headed for were the trip before we did well but it was just a little slow and the winds picked up all day with gust to 30 mph , despite the wind we caught some decent fish right at limits . So after being beat to death all day we headed in to clean fish and get some supper . The next morning started out a little different and was a little slow again but later in the day something that you don't see much happened birds working everywhere we went and we caught fish the rest of the day non stop it ended up being a good day of catching took some pictures and headed in to clean fish and ourselves , the boys went home with some good fish in the chest . Good Day Ken

 Thursday, May 14, 2015
 Will & Matt ended up coming the rest canceled some thought the weather might be bad i guess , but it wasn't it was two great days of fishing . First day headed for were i had been on trout and mud suckers but it wasn't in the cards did catch a few fish and by the end of the day we had our limits and many more that were released . The next day we changed up a little and did a little better on quality of fish still not many mud suckers , but plenty of good trout . After catching our trout we headed in so they could take off for work . Some things don't change and one is Will we always have good trips with him looking forward to the next trip . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Sunday, April 19, 2015
 Its spring and i guess every one is gun shy but this spring is a normal spring and warm , the fish are here but the fishermen aren't . But Geoff and David and crew came in after missing last year they saw it was more normal and they were rewarded for it . The winds have been light compared to the rest of the state , almost to calm .The first day saw us with limits of trout and a half dozen mud suckers , top water action was great we had 4 trout under 20 inches no big toads just good solid trout to 22 inches . After catching most of the day we headed in to regroup for the next day . The following morning we went to the same spot but it was pretty slow only had a couple trout , got in the boat to go to another area got about 100 yards and saw bait breaking the water , stopped and tried it and for the next three hours caught our limits of mud suckers and a couple more trout to 23 inches . The trout didn't seem to be in the same area like the mud suckers were, we kept our limit of mud suckers and almost all of them were 26 to 27 inches except for a few that were to big it was fun watching the mud suckers whacking the top waters and after loosing three top waters and a rod broken we had enough and went looking for trout which we finished off at the second spot and headed in with limits of trout and mud suckers . Like i said the wind is not bad this year so far calm mornings and slight windy afternoons has been the norm , as Mickey says on the radio its on like a neck bone , if you want to catch this is the year of catching . It is only going to get better if you want to catch a big un this is the year . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, March 16, 2015
 Went out looking today by myself and figures top water was good with trout to 28 inches and a few bigger than that were is the people when you need them , but as is always can't catch if your not fishing . It is official it's on spring run has started , looks good for the rest of the summer same weather as 2009 when the big boys were everywhere , I am real excited about April and May it should produce a lot of good fish now just need fishermen . GOOD DAY KEN

 Tuesday, March 03, 2015
 Just a little late on reports , so here goes Charles and Jim came in for a couple days after the last cold front and it was ideal weather . But despite the perfect weather this front dropped the water temp from 65 to 57 degrees which shocked the fish . The morning on the first day caught a few decent fish but that was it for the rest of the day , and later in the afternoon we decide to visit our first stop and it was on , good trout to 22 inches and a good bite . The only thing that changed is the wind started blowing and pushed warmer water from the flats to a little deeper water . The next day we had a little wind out of the SSE and right off started catching good trout and had several jump over the bait in the 26-28 inch class , then the wind died and that was it for the rest of the day . So after a good day of catching we went to a no catching day but as they say that is fishing . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, February 20, 2015
 New year same winds , at daylight wasn't to bad but got real bad quick water about 65 now and warming . Rick and his crew were real troopers they hung in there all day first day without much in the box but we tried , i think the wind hit 30+ mph. After a bad day the second day started off better , on fish not wind and when it blows like this you get limited on your options of were to go . After the day before i change tactics and it paid off , the simple things work sometimes , like go deeper , the fish are holding in 4-5 ft of water . So after a game change we started catching and ended up with limits of trout , mud suckers were i went just weren't around but had a nice stringer of trout to 19 inches , no big boys just good fish , and as i always say better catching than fishing . I did have a chance to really check out my new HOOK SPIT rod and i highly recommend them and if you haven't been by their store in League City you should go by and check it out . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Monday, October 13, 2014
 As would have it the winds at daylight are 15+ mph , but Jeff and his son and son in law were as optimistic as i was and first stop looked good . Right of hooked up on a couple good trout to 27.6 inches , and just a little bit later caught a few mud suckers but everything changed quick , the full moon had them up in the flats early but they moved out early also . We did pretty good on top water but as the day went on we switched to tails , in the deeper water , the tides are still high which i think we need to go down so the fish aren't quite so scattered . The rest of the day was like it has been small trout everywhere of course at or last stop we hit more mud suckers but had to get off of them to shoot some birds , at the dove fields it was a great shoot got our limits and had flights come in from every direction just one of those days were fishing and hunting came together . Next day winds still up out of the SSW so i decided to do a little different , didn't do to good on mud suckers but trout were on better than the day before no big boy's but lots of decent sized trout after a morning of catching we headed once again to the dove fields , but by this time rain showers and calm winds changed the birds up but we still manage a good shoot just not as hot and heavy as the day before only had a 3 man limit . So i would say that we had 2 days of great fishing and bird hunting looking forward to next week , we get to do the same for 4 days it should be an interesting week and hopefully will produce good fish and birds . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, October 06, 2014
 Tides are high water in good shape and lots of little trout , hit the areas that produce this time of the year and nobody home but did catch fish all day long , until we headed for the dove fields . Ken and his group were down for a couple days of fishing and hunting , and we caught a lot of fish but the bigger ones just did not want to cooperate the way they should . But despite the high water we did manage a few trout and mud suckers on both days , the dove were there in good numbers but with the rains for the last month the farmers weren't able to harvest the fields we were in . The grass is pretty high and the birds are hard to find but they sprayed them to kill the grass so the next trips will be awesome , so to sum up we had two ok days of fishing and a couple good days of hunting , the tides are starting to drop so the big boys will be on the move so on the next outing the fishing and the hunting will be good if not great at least that is my prediction , i sure hope i am right . But as most say it's always better than a day at the office . GOOD DAY OUT KEN

 Saturday, September 27, 2014
 Down for his annual cast and blast Theron his son Justin and a friend Dustin were ready to go early and we hit it hard . The weather was crappy overcast light rain and winds NNE 15mph at daylight , water in good shape due to the tides in about 15 inches , first stop caught a few good trout to 26 inches and a couple of mud suckers . And it was like that the rest of the day fish catching non stop but as the day wore on they were small 14-15 inches . On our last stop before we headed in to shoot some birds , i thought i would try an old honey hole close to port and it paid off , finished or limits on trout and mud suckers , called the dogs and headed for the dove field . Next morning after a good day of fishing and an OK after noon of dove hunting i tried something different which ended up being a mistake , but with the water even higher i had always done good there before , but wasn't thinking it was Saturday and all the crazy's showed up and they don't mind coming right in on you . The rains started again and it was tough but we did catch limits of trout and a couple mud suckers , trout were from 15-24 inches , and mostly 16 and 17 inch ones . Headed in about they same time for hunting but when we got there it was flooded and still raining , so we called the dogs and went home , it was a good outing with Theron again as it is most of the times look forward to fishing with him again soon . GOOD DAYS OUT Ken

 Tuesday, September 09, 2014
 Weather still unstable calling for ENE which we never saw but Charles and his crew are use to the weather forecast never being true , instead we had WSW , going S later in the day . Even though everything was against us we caught fish pretty much all day long , only a few 3-4 lb trout were caught , and a half limit of mud suckers . It was a day of catching not just fishing , the water seems to be a little cooler but with the high tides and full moon i think it has the fish scattered . Top waters were fun early on but as the day went on tails did great , after a good day of catching we headed in to enjoy some of what we caught . The next morning found the wind opposite again with what the forecast had said surprise not at all . The winds were SSW at 10-15 mph and increasing , and once again found some mud suckers on top waters in shallow , after catching a few of them we went for trout , and trout we found no big ones but lots of them . At one point we had 4 on at the same time regular , it was another day of catching and quick limit if you wanted it we were just looking for better fish which we only found a few of but the action was great . Can't wait for the next outing , so come on down and enjoy what September and October is going to produce , it looks to be great . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Monday, September 01, 2014
 Doc and his crew got here just in time for the weather to turn to crap , at 12:30 am it started lighting and thundering and rained until time to head out . It stayed overcast all day and late in the afternoon the sun came out for awhile . It did not stop us from catching fish which we did all day long just not with any size , seems this low on us brought in a lot of water which seems to scatter the fish , short term is not good but long term it helps . The next day was overcast again with sprinkles all day but we had a great day of catching all day at one point we threw top waters and the action was great , never a dull moment on the super spook junior . Caught a few mud suckers just not a lot , but trout were non stop only average of 16-20 inch ones but lots of fun on the top waters it was nothing to catch 10-12 in a row . August went out just like it started fantastic looks like September is going to continue the August run at least i hope so . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Sunday, August 31, 2014
 Winds not to bad still not in right direction but light , Donny and gang with one new guys came back for another round and it proved to be a good outing for both days . Lynn who as a general rule does ok but this time he was on fire the first day he caught mud suckers and good trout to 26 inches all day , so every dog has his day . Top waters are still real hard to work but we tried anyway , had a few blow ups but not much in the way of catching . The second morning was better on winds and we caught fish all day the new guy said he was going to beat the 26 inch trout from the day before and on the last stop he almost did just shy of 26 inches . After two days of catching 4-6 lb trout and numerous mud suckers in the 6 lb range i would say we had a very successful trip at least Donny and his crew felt they did because i sure did . Really looking forward to the next trip and catching a lot of fish no matter what size just as long as were catching . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Sunday, August 24, 2014
 Winds still blowing SSW 10-15 at daylight water off color except in shallow water grass beds , but Albert and his gang of five fished hard and did manage a limit of trout . Nothing of any size except a couple 20-21 inch fish , but we did pretty much catch fish all day long only a couple of mud suckers were caught . Looked at the weather and looked like the winds might calm for the next day we could only hope . The next morning winds were down and more SE than they were all week , the water was in good shape and first stop was real slow but after that it got better , and we caught fish on and off all day . But the last stop was the best we caught mud suckers until we had a limit and sometime it was four at a time , along with a couple 24 inch trout and 24 inch flounder the day was a 5 star day . I tried top waters but the grass is still just to bad about the worst i have seen this year , i guess it has finally arrive from down south . You could still throw soft plastic and work it a little slow so as not to catch the floating grass , so after a couple days of catching Albert and gang headed back home with a good mess of trout and mud suckers , hope next trip is as good . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Wednesday, August 20, 2014
 Winds are back in full force , daylight 10-18 and increasing to 25-30 in early afternoon which makes the water real off color except were there is no fish . Despite the bad conditions Ger and crew Rick and Buddy caught fish non stop just no real big ones the biggest trout 24 inches most in the 16 to 20 range , which is real good eaters . Rick got his wish and caught his mud suckers he wanted , each day he caught mud suckers , at one stop we had three on at once so there is still a few roaming around . Top waters caught a few small fish but plastics worked the best dragging them through the grass basically worm fishing , the trout are laid up in the grass waiting for the winds to die down also . I think it was a very successful trip and if i was rating it it would be a 3 out of 5 just because the size wasn't there . It was indeed a good trip really looking forward to calmer days . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Sunday, August 17, 2014
 There back the winds blowing at daylight 15+ mph straight SSW the water was off color , but despite that Mike with his crew who came in for his yearly trip did manage a few mud suckers and a limit of trout . About mid day the winds decreased which is not what usually happens and did not pick up again until about 2:00 then they blew up to 20 mph and the fish went crazy . the second morning the winds were blowing harder right at 20 mph at daylight and increasing all day , and as the day before it was an afternoon bite , so once we found the fish it didn't take long to limit . Despite the winds it was a very enjoyable two days with Mike i always look forward to his trips . I hope that the winds quit soon i would like to have some more top water action as well as some big trout again . Good Days Out KEN

 Wednesday, August 13, 2014
 Had my one drifter come in and of course the weather didn't help us , it was dead calm not a breath of wind until about 1:00 pm . Cristy who booked the trip came in with her husband and 3 kids the youngest 5 and the oldest 14 years old , the kids were real good and the son fished his heart out and caught a couple of small trout . It was a tough day but when the winds came up we started catching some fish a few mud suckers and a few nice trout . I had told them as soon as the winds came we would start catching and we did , i also had told them a half day but i couldn't quit on one fish so we stayed a lot longer and it paid off . I hope they enjoyed the trip i did it was enjoyable being around such a nice family . GOOD DAY KEN

 Tuesday, August 12, 2014
 The winds laid, light out of the SSW changing all morning long in every direction like a washing machine and finally in the afternoon it settled on heavy E 15-18 mph . All morning long and all day we whacked them , first only saw one good 23 inch trout which Bob son Joseph caught . Robert got to see some good fish throw his lure , at one stop we walked out on a grass bed and caught 5 trout from 3-5 lbs some on top waters , which was blast to watch . Then later in the day Robert made us go for mud suckers and we whacked them , so at the end of the day we had a mess of 3-5 lb trout and a limit of mud suckers , the next day looked like it would be the same on weather if not better . The next day my son Chris joined us , i think he might be a jinks the weather was better but the fishing was slower , at the first stop it was slow but all of a sudden a wake came to us and it was a school of big trout again that's the second time in the last couple weeks that has happened and we pop three good trout out of them and released a 28 inch one and later in the morning another 26 inch trout was released , for a slow day it wasn't bad . We did catch fish all day on top water or tails it didn't matter what you threw they hit it . It was another memory lane trip with a couple guy's from Dickinson , it's always fun with Robert and Bob , looking forward to having them back again and i do all the people that fish with me there all special to me . Good days KEN

 Sunday, August 10, 2014
 Lew and his boys Brian , Al , and his friend Bob showed up just right for some real decent weather and fishing even though the winds were back to SSW and blowing 10-15 in the morning , we still had a good first day . Started out catching alot of small fish but as the day went on we caught some decent trout to 24 inches with a good mess of mud suckers . We ended the first day with a good mess of trout to 5 lbs and good sized mud suckers , it was action all day which as i always say catching is much better than fishing . On the second day my son Chris joined us , we caught a lot of fish but most of them were small only one real good trout and very few mud suckers , but it was fun to have his boys and one of mine out together again it has been awhile , and Lew and his boys have always hunted and fished with mine , so there will always be a special place with me , they are fine young men . GOOD DAYS OUT kEN

 Tuesday, August 05, 2014
 The pattern is still the same calm mornings with winds picking up in afternoon , starting out WNW moving to N,NE,and finally E at 15-18 mph . The morning started out pretty good Will and his crew of eight , on the first stop caught fish non stop they were just a little small we did manage a few keepers in the 18-20 inch on trout and a couple of mud suckers . On the second spot we found a lot of fish it was non stop again only this time we released a couple in the 29-30 inch class trout and lots of 22-26 inch ones we kept . The third spot was just as good only we caught mud suckers almost non stop , we had a good school of them move right on us all the grand kids caught some fish . But the next day was awesome , first stop was our second stop from the day before but with the winds blowing a little it turned the bait off that we had found . We went to the first stop of the day before second , but it was also slow , so we headed for the third spot and it was kind of slow but all of a sudden a wake came right to us and it was on non stop top water action the winds laid and it got calm and bait was every where . From the smallest of the grand kids to the biggest caught trout on top waters of any color, stood basically in one spot and caught our limits on trout and a half dozen mud suckers and headed in at noon , although the day before we caught 13 mud suckers and 37 trout to 30 inches , the second was just as successful as the first it truly was a GOOD DAY OUT KEN

 Sunday, August 03, 2014
 As July ended August begins with decent winds and good water , Donny came in with a new group and they just had a blast . The boy's caught trout for two days in excess of 27 inches average was 20 inches , and even caught a few mud suckers both days, on the second day got on some good top water action . On top waters it seemed every good trout we would hook up on we lost they weren't inhaling they bait just slapping it so we were hooking them on the side of the head . But a few did inhale the super spook juniors . But the old soft plastic did good any color any kind , all day and both days in one spot . After the first day the new guys really picked up on what to do and they caught a lot of fish not all big ones but a lot of action , so for two days we did a lot of catching and not a lot of fishing . More catching than fishing is good , the trout are starting to lay eggs several of the big ones had sunk in bellies the smaller ones are still carrying , and some are just starting to get eggs so after this cool snap it is going to happen big time . The days are starting to get shorter and night of course are longer and the water will start getting cooler the stage is set for a real good early fall fishing . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Sunday, July 27, 2014
 It seems the winds just won't stay down at daylight it was blowing 10-15 SSW , water was off color , later in the morning the winds increased out of the SE and helped the water a little . When we got to our first stop it was a little slow but at the next couple spots we picked up a few decent fish but around noon we started catching good trout , and boy were they good most of what we caught were in the 20-26 inch range the bigger ones were 6 lb fish which is not the case most of the time , but this year they are still good and fat . We ended up with a few mud suckers and they were all 27 and right at 28 inches . Brett and his crew were real happy headed in for supper and get ready for the next day . The following morning everything was different winds were SSW at 15mph and increasing early morning pushed the grass back to us and dirty water and of course a tournament that put people in our area because the day before they didn't do to well in other areas . We did manage limits of trout and a few more mud suckers , just not the size of trout that the day before yielded , but the trip for these guys was a good one , Tim brought his son who had not fished before he caught good fish both days . The past two days you could say was a **** star day . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Wednesday, July 23, 2014
 Rick and Ger with Buddy got here just in time for the winds to start blowing again not real hard but just enough out of the S , the first stop we walk right into a school of trout Ger had a great morning with some nice trout to 23 inches . The rest of us watched and caught a few trout smaller than his , but through the next few stops we caught a lot of fish just not like the last trip which we didn't catch numbers just size . The second day was successful for all and over all size was better a lot more 18-20 inch fish mud suckers we just couldn't find them like i had in the last couple weeks . Who can complain about catching limits of trout by 11:00 am not me , so we pulled the plug shortly after that everybody was happy , it was a good trip as always with these guy's , looking forward to seeing them again next month . Good Days Ken

 Sunday, July 20, 2014
 What can i say we caught some good trout to 5lb and good solid mud suckers and had a blast . On the first day it started ok with a few decent trout next spot produced a mud sucker and a couple trout , i tried top waters but the grass is just to much all tails . The rest of the day which was overcast for most of it and the winds were great light in all directions except for a short period when the wind went NNW 10-18 mph then N , E in all directions , we continued to catch spotty trout and mud suckers and the trout were nice quite a few 24-25 inch ones . The next morning did about the same thing only we had no north winds like the day before, first stop produced very little for us but after that it was steady 22 inch hear and a 27 inch there every stop seemed to produce a good mud sucker or real good trout . Of course Ray , Mitch ,Frank , lil Bob, and Wade who have fished with me for years more than 15 do know how to catch but as most the case Ray comes through with some real good fish I will give this trip a four and three quarters out of five stars on quality of fish, and to all these guys thank you . Good Day Ken

 Monday, July 14, 2014
 I think the last two days i can sum up as pretty good , Tony and his crew were down for their second time . The guys did good for not fishing in salt water all that much , first day we manage some good 5 lb trout , and a few mud suckers not a big bunch of trout but all we caught were nice ones . The grass is pretty bad right now so the top waters just weren't on so we had to throw soft plastic , which did we didn't catch a lot of small fish just good ones . The second day out i changed up my spots i fished from the day before and had a good day with lots of real good trout only a couple mud suckers to take home but did catch a lot of little ones , looks like when we get rid of this super moon fishing should be real good even better than this trip . Looking forward to the next trip , and i think that we have turned the corner the fish gotta eat . Had a great time with tony and his crew always look forward to having good people down. GOOD DAYS KEN

 Wednesday, July 09, 2014
 Theron and Charles with crew were in , and the first day we did pretty good some good fish with a mix of mud suckers , most of the trout were in the 2 lb range . The weather still is never the same every day i think when that happens things will get even better , winds were 8-10 mph at daylight and increasing all day SSW water is still in good shape . Even though it wasn't the greatest of trips we did manage some good 6-7 lb trout up to 28 inches , so we did catch a few big ones . Looking forward to catching more in the up coming trips , and it really looks good for it good luck to all . Good Day KEN

 Wednesday, June 25, 2014
 Looks like it is finally starting to get where we should have been a month ago , picking up better fish and able to catch fish just about anywhere we go . Joe and his two sons with Brian came down for Tuesday and Wednesday , so after a couple days of teaching i think they will be a lot better next time they come . Even though they were rookies we did pretty darn good , the water is in good shape and seems to stay that way and the fish are staying in waist deep water , top waters just would not produce but soft plastic did well . Looking forward to July looks like that will be June , it looks like we are about a month behind , the only thing that could hurt us in the next couple months would be these stupid tournaments that seem to be every week end . All in all it seems to be rebounding well , looking forward to the next groups next week which starts back to back bookings just in time for good fishing . Thanks to all the fishermen that come down to fish with me , and hopefully my camera will be in soon so i can add some good pictures to the reports , as always it was Good Day Out Ken.

 Wednesday, June 11, 2014
 The week in review Scott and crew had a good day on Friday with some limits of trout and a few mud suckers . Fishing is still a little slow with the high pressure that has moved in , for the next two days the fishing was slow caught a few fish but it just wasn't June fishing . We threw top waters tails bare hooks it didn't make any difference the fish got lock jaw . On Sunday Ger and crew showed up with the winds blowing 15-20 in the mornings and even though we hit it harder than the previous days it just didn't happen . The following morning the winds calmed to 5-10 mph and the high broke and it was on right off we started catching , top waters were on , but only managed a couple keepers , so we headed off to newer hunting grounds . We caught fish most of the day and Buddy came through with some good trout to 27 inches . At one spot we hooked up right of on several 5 lb trout any a few mud suckers , we did have a decent day of catching . As soon as the next day as they were leaving seems the high is back because as a general rule the day everyone leaves the winds are calm but they were back with a vengeance taking some time off to catch up on a few things but the forecast looks good for the next guys we will catch. good days out Ken

 Monday, June 02, 2014
 Looks like it is finally getting some stability to the weather , winds light out of the ESE for two days at 10-15 mph . Darrell and crew had a real good first day and caught a lot trout and some mud suckers , no real big trout just lots of 16-20 inch fish it was a fun day of catching . Ricks day was made with a couple mud suckers he really likes to catch them so he got what he wanted , and of course on the second day Terrell caught his mud suckers with a ton of trout , but his mud sucker was 31 inches a good 13 lb one . It really looks like it has turned on even though i lost the bigger trout the upper 20 inch ones , we caught fish all day lots of action . Although on the second day it slowed at the last stop we managed almost a six man limit , but we did once again keep the rods bent more than not . The fish didn't respond to the top waters like they have but they made up for it with the amount of action we had on tails , at one point it was every cast standing in one spot . I think any day the pattern should start if there's not any major weather change , the water is in good shape with the SE flow . Good Luck Ken

 Sunday, June 01, 2014
 After several months of not great fishing it is now on , this past week was real good on size we caught some hefty trout , with Jeffs crew and lots of them . Then Aaron came in and the top water action was good , there's nothing like watching 4-5 lb trout jumping out of the water & over the bait . I kind of figured that they would turn on with this weather light winds , in the mornings out of the west and slowly going to the east light . It all started with Jeff's crew and is still that way . Today was good but the bigger fish just weren't there like they were but we had our limits by 10:00 am Aaron wanted wheels up by 1:00 so we gotter done quick . I am hoping that the next couple days are like the last week even caught some mud suckers , it sure is nice to have some good trips it's always fun anyway it's just better when it's more catching than fishing , and lots of action looking forward to a good summer and i hope i never see a winter like the last one . good days Ken

 Monday, May 19, 2014
 Looks like the winter is finally over maybe , the last front last week killed the fishing and i am kind of glad , it was the weekend of the Friendswood tournament and it was not a success fishing was so slow that a lot of boats for three days didn't catch a keeper fish . But on Monday and Tuesday we did light them up like the prior week but did catch more fish, the water temp has dropped and just now started coming up , and the winds are back so it should be real good this weekend Memorial day of course it will be another tournament , i am looking forward to some good fishing this weekend and through out the rest of the summer . The last time a winter was like this the summer was great , it is now time to go fishing the winds seem to stay SSE more so than last year, when they were due S almost every day , which puts places that were blown out last year much better . So come on down and get you some, it is getting better every day catching limits as we did earlier in the week is getting to be routine now i look forward to the next time i go out . As always it is a treat to have Donnie and his crew down , as is with all the crews that fish with me stay wet Ken.

 Monday, May 05, 2014
 Ger and crew showed up just in time for the winds , which were about 20 mph at daylight first day . Water has warmed up quite a bit but not were i like it around 85 right off we found some bait with some slicks , after awhile with not one hit we went for another area . After several stops early i went for the honey hole , right off we caught a couple good fish it took two more stops to catch limits many times over that we released . By noon we had our limits , and that pattern continued in the next day even though the winds were stronger than the day before , it has been a long time since a group fished two days and caught maybe 4 undersized fish all the trout caught were from 18-21 inch fish and more so on the second day with a couple small mud suckers . It is good to have the fish cooperate on size but i am still waiting for the weather to stabilize a little more so we can get some good days of top water , the bait has staged now for the fish to find it , looking good for the rest of the summer . good day KEN

 Wednesday, April 30, 2014
 The last few days were good for no other reason we can get wet now water temp headed for mid 80's . Charles with Theron and crew hit the weather almost right first morning calm for about 30 min . then a big cloud came from the NNW and the wind started blowing 20 + mph then slowly switching to the NE at about 10-15 mph . As the switch came i decided to hit one of my summer holes and that worked out real good ended the day there limits of trout to 28 inches and one mud sucker , tried top waters but just to much wind tails worked great any color was the preference . Got back to the house and got ready for an exciting day of fishing weather that you never really can depend on . The next morning winds SSW 15-20 mph then slowed to about 15 around 9:00 am today was one of those days you dream about first wade 21 trout no real big ones just good ones 17-21 inches . Ended the day early and everyone headed home it was a fun two days of catching everybody caught fish even me . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, April 04, 2014
 The never ending winter i believe is finally coming to an end , Scott came in with his crew after a day fishing Falcon for some bass , i was hoping to put them on some fish . The first day a front was coming our way and suppose to be 10-15 which was wrong again (no surprise) since the weather people are probably the worst i have ever seen . When the front hit at 9:30 it wasn't to bad but within about 30 minutes it was gusting to 45 mph , we hung out in one area that had decent water for a little while and caught some small mud suckers and a couple trout . Early afternoon we said to heck with this try tomorrow so we went in cleaned the fish and went out for some fresh fish and it was good . The next morning i was surprised by the fact that for the first time in recent memory they got it right , so i went over were when Tod and his crew came down we had caught fish . The fish were still there we couldn't wade because the tides were above normal so we had to drift and pretty much caught fish all day not any big ones but what i like which is action the big ones will come as the spring warms up and more bait moves to shallow water . But it was a great day of fishing we caught a lot of 17 inch one no mud suckers and only a couple 22 inch one but it has started i could see were the bait is starting to move in a little shallower and i think that trend will continue , it's good to have another good report of catching and not just fishing . Even though it doesn't look like i have been out much i lost all my reports from March dog on computer but i will solve that soon . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, February 14, 2014
 Finally got a break in the weather with people in for fishing Mark and group came in again and this time with the weather good and getting warm , we hit the fish hard . We whacked the fish caught some good ones that couldn't get in and released some good fish . We just kept some eaters , for there is nothing better than fresh trout for supper especially when they are from some clean water people always told me these fish seem to taste better , i couldn't really tell since this is all i have eaten for over 20 years . I just know it is fun to catch fish no matter were you fish . This spring is looking like it is going to be a good one , while some people want to catch a big one for the wall i like catching any size as long as there is action , so fish look out i am hungry. good days Ken

 Sunday, January 12, 2014
 Mark and Austin his son came in for a day of fishing , and to a pleasant surprise Austin brought his girl friend. As we headed out i could tell this girl liked to be outdoors , and on the first stop she held in there . Right off when we saw some bait in one area we stopped the fish were there and we had a great first stop , after that it kind of slowed but a couple 24 inch trout later and some 11 more we headed out to finish off our limit . The rest of the day was grind and catch a lot more fish but more small as the day went on , despite that it was a great day the water wasn't to bad and the fish weren't like little ice cubes so the water has warmed up quite a bit already upper 50's water clarity is pretty good right now , you can see the fish fight its good to be back. GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, November 29, 2013
 Had a last minute booking from the Christman 's weather was great and fishing was much better as for as size . We started out pretty good every drift we managed a couple keepers to 18 inches , and caught lots of little fish . They brought their teenage boy's with them and after a little while of teaching they picked it up and were casting like pro's . The boys did catch a few fish as did dad and grandpa , this was the first drift trip of the year and it wasn't bad with the weather good winds just right it truly was a good day of fishing . The fish are finally staging were they should be with the tied finally getting low again , i think from this point on it is going to stay good , the mud suckers will also start moving any day now as well , it's all lining up for a good winter of fishing . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, November 15, 2013
 Jeramey and Ross came in to do some duck hunting with a friend so before that we went fishing for a day , and i mean we fished hard all day . We managed a meager limit of trout most around 16 inches , but still catching a lot of 14 inch trout . The tides are still high way above normal i think as soon as we loose these tides it will put the bigger fish where they are suppose to be . Right now it is at least a foot high , with that much water the fish are scattered all over . Over all the weather has been great the last few weeks , in a normal year we would be tearing the fish up right now . It is what it is all i can do as well as anybody else is keep going and plugging unless your a pot licker and want to be lazy and sit and be board then you can catch some good black drum or hard heads . As i always say even though it wasn't great on solid fish we did catch fish even a couple of undersized mud suckers , looking forward as always to the fall turn on which has this year become the winter turn on . GOOD DAY KEN

 Sunday, November 03, 2013
 With Theo and his group arriving after the front instead of during the front we all figured the fish would turn on , and they did . The only thing is the little fish turned on big time we caught hundreds of little trout , the mud suckers left , we fished hard and long but it stayed the same . The weather could not have been better , calm in the morning and just a little breeze in the afternoon so the weather was not a good excuse nor was the moon . Sometimes i have to be leave some of the stories about the moon and the pressures but in the past 30 years of fishing down here it has never happened , so maybe what effects every other bay is finally happening here . Normally when a front does come in it has always been a wind switch , and it is good before and after the front but this year the fish are staying deep . So in the next few weeks i believe it is going to turn on like we haven't seen this year , i await the turn on .. So to sum up we caught a limit of trout the first day and the second day i tried a little different spots and it got worse and not better so i will stay on the pattern i was on at least it did produce fish . Looking forward to a great report next time i am out , keep looking at the reports it will happen . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, October 25, 2013
 I finally got my computer fixed not much to report , fishing has been real slow the transition from summer to fall has been , the longest i have seen in years . As Albert and his bunch came in i was expecting that this is the trip that started it off , it was a little better . We managed to catch some mud suckers and a few trout to 26 inches , but still not what fall normally brings . Any day now it is going to turn on , and like i said it will be good we just need to get that turn on which could be the next group , and i really think it is going to happen it's time . The weather really hasn't helped much with these fronts blowing 25 mph and gusting to 40 mph , is just a little much , of course every front the weather people predict 18 mph NNW and they are wrong every time they can't even get the direction right . It is what it is they call it fishing but i would rather catch . Even though i don't have much to report we still had a great time , with some good people as i always say most people who hunt and fish are good guy's , looking forward to a good report after next trip out in a couple day's , confidence is high . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Monday, October 07, 2013
 After the last few times out i was looking forward to James coming in to enjoy some good fishing and hunting . Of course as luck would have it James and his two friends he brought got to experience the worst , for some reason even though the winds weren't that bad and the water clear as in the past weeks this front shut them down . The bait left and the mud suckers and trout with them , so after a not to successful day we came in for some dove hunting . Well the dove didn't disappoint us they were their and in good numbers a lot of northern birds came down with the passing of this front . The second morning the winds were a little lighter but the fish still had lock jaw and only managed a couple trout until about 10:30 and found some feeding lady fish . Once we found the lady fish as the time before when i found them it was non stop on little fish but right before we had to head in early so they could head back the trout started getting bigger i am pretty sure if we had stayed another hour we could have limited on trout and probably good one because they did catch a couple in the mid 20"range . This last cold front should set them off , the water has cooled to the mid to low 70's it should be on from now on , this time of the year normally a front is just a wind change , but this time it did shut them down , you just never know . hope there first trip down doesn't give them a bad taste for south Texas fishing because in my books it is the best . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, October 04, 2013
 After the last few weeks of success i was sure hoping for another good fishing and hunting trip for Bill and Jerry , Wess and of course Bob who just fished . The first morning headed straight for the area where we had been on mud suckers , and found the bait was still in the area . Got the guys to go straight for where the bait was and started getting blow ups right off . The mud suckers didn't disappoint us , Bob did real well and for Wess it was his first trip he hooked up on some good trout but just couldn't get them to the basket . Even though the winds were up pretty good 15-18 the water was holding clear and you could see the fish hit the lures , Wess caught his first mud sucker on top water and was one happy guy . We headed out after a good morning of catching good mud suckers and a few real good trout to try and find some more trout . All we could manage was 20 or so trout that were 16-18 inches , but it was non stop catching on small ones , about 1:00 we went in to hit the dove fields , after getting to the field the doves didn't disappoint us we had a great shoot with lots of birds . The next morning we went to the same area it was a little slower on mud suckers but the trout were there and big ones to 28 " the top waters were on again SSJ any color worked everybody had a different color which didn't seem to matter . After a good first stop we went to where we had caught so many little fish and with the front approaching the better fish moved in so we finished off our limits on trout , even though the mud suckers were a little slow we did great on trout . That afternoon dove hunting was very slow i guess the birds sensed the weather change , but we still had a good hunt not as many birds but shot a lot of shells . Looking forward to the next trip after such a good one this time i just hope the fish and birds keep it up . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Thursday, September 26, 2013
 Jeff came in with his son and son in law for another year on cast and blast , and after earlier in the week when Will had come in and we did so good on fish and birds i was ready for a repeat . As luck would have it the winds were blowing 15-20mph at daylight , i headed to were we had done well earlier in the week and found the bait had left . After a few mud suckers and a few trout we went looking, only to find everything had shut down even the trout had lock jaw . So we headed in for an afternoon of shooting when we got to the fields we found the dove had the same idea and weren't flying , after a slow day we went back to the lodge to lick our wounds . The next morning i was going to change areas but i had a feeling so we went back to the spot of the previous day . Boy was i glad the bait was back and we whacked the mud suckers all morning on top waters , after a morning of catching and releasing 100 or so mud suckers we went looking for some trout which had eluded us all morning . After a couple stops we only caught a few good trout, we had to go to get ready to shoot some birds , i did change up on the birds and it payed off we had a good shoot and a lot more birds than the day before . Super spook juniors were hot all morning , and even though the winds were still blowing they did produce, nothing as for as weather was any better than the day before but the bait had come back and the birds, so that just goes to show you when you think you have it wired you don't . The next front is on the way so hopefully the trout as well as the mud suckers will be better . GOOD DAY KEN

 Tuesday, September 24, 2013
 At the last minute Will called and wanted to come in for a couple days of fishing and hunting to get away and relax a little . Monday afternoon we hit the dove fields for an evening shoot , we had quite a few birds flying and had a great afternoon of shooting . The next morning headed out to were we had done so good the last weekend on trout and mud suckers , but the fish had moved out from there so we went to were normally this time of the year is good as soon as we stopped we hit a school of mud suckers , but the only problem they were just under sized except for a couple . Even though they were smaller we did catch a few more trout , and some of the trout were big we released 28 inch ones , and saw several cruising by that were in the 28-30 inch class but couldn't get them to take anything , so we headed in to clean our limits on trout and only a couple mud suckers . The following morning we hit the area were we saw and caught some good trout and mud suckers and right off it was on our arms hurt from catching so many mud suckers . They couldn't resit super spook juniors and along the way some 28-30 inch trout showed up, after releasing some big trout , and catching our limits of mud suckers we headed in early to hit the dove fields to top off a great morning of fishing . The dove were all over us one of those great afternoons of dove hunting and great fishing in the morning is hard to beat . We got through early with our dove hunting so we headed home to clean up the birds and fish and get a good meal in the local restaurant , what a great two days of fishing and hunting . Days like this truly makes you forget about those bad days and look forward to many more , so aim well and keep a tight line what a trip . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, September 20, 2013
 Its that time of the year dove season opening , so bring on the rain as is the case every year . Winds SSE 15-20 at daylight , with bands of heavy rain coming in from the gulf , but with tides 2 ft above normal makes for great fishing . We only had to make one stop for limit of mud suckers and trout , top waters were on we threw super spook juniors and just whacked the fish , and since the water was so clear it was awesome you could watch the fish come across as they were headed for the top water . But had to work the bait real fast that seemed to be the only way they wanted it , so around noon we headed in to get ready to hit the dove field . Right before we got to the field it rained an 1" and with all the rain we have had there was standing water . The dove did not seem to mind , but the pattern was a little different , but we did manage about three limits so after a great day of hunting and fishing we headed home to get ready for the following day . Next morning the front moved through right at daylight winds were NNW 25 gusting to 30 mph so we set up a little different than the day before and first stop was not to successful so we went and checked out the spot from the day before . As soon as we got there we started catching even with the winds and rain the fish were still there , mud suckers and trout . The fish shut down about the same time as the day before and since i was cold and a couple of the guy's were to we headed in to get ready for hunting . Wayne and his son Casey are good shots , But Theron and his son Dustin are just beginners so i spent a lot of time with them teaching them how to spot the birds in the air instead of jumping up at the martins that are in the area this time of the year and how to follow through when they shoot . The winds were pretty stiff out of the NNW still so that makes for a challenge , and with light rain you just don't know about the birds but they were there and a lot of them so after shooting our limits of dove we went home , with success on fishing and hunting it really is hard for it to get any better . GOOD DAY KEN

 Tuesday, September 17, 2013
 Jeff arrived with his son and son in law for some cast and blast and after the last few times out i was looking forward to a good trip like the previous ones . As luck would have it the winds at daylight were blowing 15 mph and increasing after daylight to 20 + mph . We headed to were earlier in the week Will and i had done real good , only to find the bait had moved out, we did manage a few small trout and a half dozen mud suckers and it was pretty much like that all day , a few more small trout and that was it i just couldn't find the fish . We hit the dove fields early because they had been flying early but even the dove weren't moving , so after a slow day on fishing and hunting we headed home . The next morning i thought about changing my game plan but decided against it , and boy was i glad it was non stop action on the mud suckers . Super spooks junior were hot all morning we caught and released 100 or so mud suckers , the trout were still tough but the mud suckers saved the day . After the first stop we tried a couple places for trout but only managed a few so we headed in to do some hunting and it was much better the birds were flying better and we had some good shooting . So after a couple days of hunting and fishing we went back to the lodge with three tired but happy campers , i think today did make up for the day before a little . Well the next front is on the way so it should shake things up again i am looking forward to some good fishing and hunting on the next trip . GOOD DAY KEN

 Saturday, August 31, 2013
 High pressure and SSW winds at daylight 10-15 and increasing in the afternoon once again were not good to Tod and crew . We fished hard and long for 2 days and the fish had lock jaw again no matter were we went little fish and lot's of them . Top water or tails it did not matter they would take it but the bigger fish just would not bite . In two days we did catch a few mud suckers and a few keeper trout , otherwise it was slow . But i think it is going to continue to get better as a couple cool fronts come in and we get rid of this high pressure that has been here for a couple years and if it is anything like last fall it is going to be awesome . That about sums it up on this trip just not a lot to comment about except we had a great time fishing just not enough catching . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, August 26, 2013
 As i said in the last report fall fishing is on after a kind of slow summer the fall bite has started . Ger & Rick and Buddy found out that the fall bite is on , right off top waters were hot , tails did good to but it was non stop on top waters . Trout to 25 inches where all over them almost all the fish where 20-25 inches , i thought it was going to be an early morning bite but it lasted the entire day . Despite the thunder storms in the area , we caught trout all day . After we got through playing with the trout we went looking for mud suckers only found a few in the area we went to , so we ended the day as we started it catching trout and good ones . The next morning was different on weather we had a S wind 10-15 mph so the trout were a little bit smaller 18-22 inch ones and we were through by mid morning catching hundreds of fish so around noon we went looking for mud suckers . We headed to a different area than the day before and found a good number of them after almost a dozen the boy's said they had enough and were ready to head in so we did . With a few showers in the area the water temp did go down some about 85 so the fish are now on the move , the trout are full of eggs and looking to lay so the big females are on the move which is the case in August . As the day's get shorter the big trout school up and move to some areas to feed to put on fat , if you want to catch big boy's it's on . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, August 23, 2013
 After enjoying some real good fishing for the last couple weeks we got winds out of the WNW at 10-15 at daylight , the direction is ok if it is light but increasing all day not good . Despite that we caught a lot of fish Mike & Ryan & Mike drove down for there annual trip , the fish were small but there was lot's of them . Top water action was great , tails was good it was all good , all day long we caught trout the mud suckers still aren't around in the areas i like to fish , right now they are up in 6 inches of water which is tough because you have to walk so for . So after catching hundreds of trout we went to the dock to get ready for the next day . The following morning we started out the same way lots of fish on top water and tails just smaller 17-20 inch fish , but once again we caught hundreds . The guy's had a good time catching which is a lot better than just fishing , the fall bite has already started it looks like it is going to be a good fall and with dove season coming up the cast and blast should be good , there are a lot of dove in the area already . A little foot note most of the fish we released were unharmed because i use barb less hooks and i showed the guy's how to get them out without tearing them up and not even using pliers so they were good to go . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, August 19, 2013
 Hoping that the fish were still on a pattern when Charles and Mike , Frank , Cliff arrived , i wanted Charles to have a good trip . First morning found the fish were they had been , top waters were on the other guy's threw tails and also did good . The water is still really warm but the fish are still holding in 3 ft of water . After catching a good mess of trout up to 25 inches long , i continued my search for good schools of mud suckers but only managed 2 all day . Had a good meal that evening in the local restaurant of fried trout and got a good night rest. First thing the next morning went to were we had done OK the day before and as luck would have it as soon as we found some good fish some thunderstorms came in so we ran . As i was headed for a safe zone the thunderstorm broke up so we went right back, the winds died and it went flat and we started catching a few fish but what happened next was awesome . We got a light SW breeze with a light chop , then porpoise showed up , and instead of the wind and the porpoise shutting it down the trout went crazy . We caught trout to 26 inches the rest of the morning at 10:00 am we had more than or limits and were catching and releasing 20 inch trout . It was one of those days were all the elements were against us including a full moon , but we did indeed whack the fish . I sure do hope that this trend continues there is nothing like watching the guy's catch good fish . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, August 16, 2013
 After a summer of high pressure and SSW winds , it's nice to see some moderation finally , and it was good for Bill and his gang . First stop we had lots of bait and some good trout were breaking on it we did OK on top waters but they seem to still want tails the most . After i felt like it had played out we headed off to another spot and wow it was hot we caught 20 inch plus toads the rest of the morning . The water temp is around 87 but the fish are in about waist deep water , which is the perfect depth . We went looking for mud suckers but they had moved from were i had found them a few days earlier , the water was much cleaner and not a lot of wind which as a general rule moves them around , but that is OK when you can come in with the toads we had . After an evening of deer hunting driving around to see the big bucks , we got ready for the next day . As has been the weather the second day was different winds WNW 15 mph at daylight which changes bait habits so we skipped the first stop and went to the second which to was not like the day before on water quality . As the morning went on the winds increased with gust to 20 mph and later in the afternoon calmed some , Bill had another great day and thought he was going to win the little money pot they had because we hadn't caught any mud suckers , but at the last minute Butch caught a 24 inch mud sucker so Bill had to split it . We still caught quite a few trout to 28 inches like the day before , but just not as many , the next couple days out should be good with the winds calming in the morning and picking up in the afternoon , after all it is August so i am ready for the dog days that's when the big boy's move in to start fattening up for the winter as the days grow shorter . I always look forward to school starting that means less tournaments and a lot less boat traffic which is the worst for this area than any other thing . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, August 12, 2013
 Donnie , Tom and Lynn with Donnie's son in law this time came in with the winds light out of the SE and staying that way all day . The fish were real scattered today for some reason , we fished hard and didn't catch what we had but as they say should have been here yesterday . We did manage a trout limit with a few mud suckers the main thing we threw was tails as with the days before there is a lot of grass so it was hard to use top waters . The next morning started out like the first a little slow but with some real good trout to 25 inches , we did a little different than the days before i thought i would try some old areas and it produced in the afternoon . The last stop we got on a school of mud suckers and everybody hooked up on there limits, Lynn couldn't get them in when he did hook up but he had fun . The water is holding clean with good water changes on the edges , water temp is still warm a little warmer than most years but it has been awhile since we were this dry but looks like a change is coming this weekend and this time of the year any change is for the best . GOOD DAY KEN

 Saturday, August 10, 2013
 Hoping for a little bit better weather we got it Mark , Mike with Austin and Marks dad Leroy . Arrived just in time for the weather switch , they all came down to celebrate Leroy's birthday . On first day out we did pretty good Mark managed a 31 inch trout with a couple Mud suckers , and Mike caught his share with Austin catching as well . Leroy had a tough time it was his first time ever wading , but he learned quick and did catch a few . After an OK day of fishing we headed in so we could get some rest for the next day, at 78 years old Leroy did good . First stop the next morning we did great with some good fish to 26 inches on trout , after the second spot we were through with trout so we went looking for Mud suckers which we didn't find many of . After what i would say was a good trip we headed in so Mark could leave and drive back home with his family , it is always nice to see people catch fish instead of just fishing . I think that we finally got the August bite which is in most years good on big fish i think it is on . GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, August 05, 2013
 I just thought the spring winds were over Darrell , Terrell and Andrew got to enjoy 20+ mph winds at daylight and increasing all day long , water is in the summer pattern of low , and the grass is real bad . First couple spots were slow but as the day went on we caught more and more fish , most of them were small , we did manage a couple 4 lb trout . All day we caught fish but in one area it was non stop there was only a few keepers but lots of little fish , most were 14 7/8 inches long . As afternoon came on us the winds cranked up to 35+ mph , it was a tough ride in , i was sure hoping this would stop but the weather report wasn't good for the next day . First thing the next morning since they needed to come in earlier to leave i figured that were we caught so many little ones that maybe the bigger ones might show up early . Best laid plans sometime work but not today, we caught on top water and tails hundreds of 14 inch trout i threw top waters most of the time it was fun , but i do like to catch a few keepers which just were not around it was the most unbelievable thing i have seen , two days of catching hundreds of fish and the first day we limited and the second day just a few . The bigger fish have got lock jaw again , but the good news is the weather pattern is suppose to change later in the week i am looking forward to that . Hopefully we are going to get away from these 30mph winds that we have been experiencing , looking forward to calmer days the dog days of August . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, July 26, 2013
 Ray , Mitch ,Bob and Wade came down for their annual trip and the winds were high again and more SSW than earlier in the week . It was tough the fish had lock jaw again the water was in great shape which was different than i have seen it before with it blowing SSW at 15 mph and increasing at daylight . By the afternoon it was pushing 30 mph again , we caught just a few fish that were barely legal and a couple mud suckers . We had to go in early because Bob had a bad foot he had hurt before he came down and it got worse so we went to town to get some medicine . Next morning the wind was still with us even stronger , we caught small trout and small mud suckers all day long and only a few keepers of each . It was a tough day and the winds are suppose to blow like this all week it is a good thing i am slow this week so i can regroup and get ready for a busy August which i think is going to be a fish catching month , everything seems to point to it , the winds are suppose to calm after this week and no more moon . Sometimes with a full moon it is great fishing but this time it did effect the fishing , so i am looking forward to a good month . It was a good fishing trip and always is with Ray and his crew i look forward to next year with them . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Tuesday, July 23, 2013
 The winds have been good and fishing was ok then Ger and Buddy and Rick showed up with the winds in tow . The winds are suppose to be light in the morning and blowing in the afternoon , but at daylight 15-20 mph and increasing in the afternoon close to 30 mph . After a slow morning which i figured with the moon so close and bright it did pick up some in the afternoon . On the first day we managed to catch a limit of small trout and a couple of 24 inch ones nothing to write home about , but we were hoping despite the winds we might do better the next day , so after a good nights rest we got up ready to catch . Catch is what we did all day on the second day and with some ok trout and 9 mud suckers several of the trout were good ones 22-26 inch long some real good 5 lb fish . In one spot i had a mud sucker swim up to me and look at me and slowly swim off so i took my lure that i had reeled up and stuck it in front of him and the fight was on . And at that point is when all caught some mud suckers . So we headed in with limits of trout and almost a limit on mud suckers , all through the day we caught a lot of fish just a hard time finding good ones , it was tough but that is fishing sometimes it's easy and sometimes not , i am looking forward to easy more than it has been . GOOD DAY KEN

 Thursday, July 18, 2013
 The weather is still a little shaky but with no lighting we went for it Will with his sons and grandson had a decent first day . Early we hit a spot that had a lot of bait on it in past days , and we caught a lot of fish but they were small ones . So we headed off again to look for bigger fish next stop was about the same lots of little fish but we did manage a few big fish to 25 inches on trout and a few mud suckers . It pretty much was like that all day a few mud suckers and a few good trout in the 5-6 lb class , but in between we caught a lot of little fish . The hatches seem to be good this year so by September all these borderline fish will be keepers . We headed in after the last spot were we connected on a school of trout with a few mud suckers , we ended up the day with good boxes of fish on both boats . Next day was a different day no clouds and sunny with a tournament , so should i say more with all the boats it scattered the fish . We tried some of the same places but the boat traffic was to much , not much to say about today we did manage 25 or so OK trout but the mud suckers disappeared , after a short day Will and crew had to go home for the youngest grandsons birthday we did have a great time Scott and Matt have real good kids that know how to fish of course they grew up on artificial only and that makes a big difference in there fishing ability , they are good . It's always enjoyable watching kids catch fish even if they are small ones , and to hear the excitement when they catch one it truly was a GOOD DAY ON THE WATER KEN.

 Tuesday, July 16, 2013
 Terrel and his brother along with his son Tray , were ready to catch fish when they got in , so the first morning we hit a spot that had a lot of bait on it the past few weeks . It was a little slow but we managed a few good trout to 5 lbs . After catching a few big fish we started catching little fish 14- 15 inches which we could catch all day in that spot , so after catching hundreds of little fish we decided to leave the area , which i don't like leaving fish biting but they just didn't get any bigger . The next spot was just like the first little fish and lots of them , you could literately have stayed in that spot and caught hundreds of fish but only a few keepers . The rest of the day was like that hundreds of little trout and very few keeper mud suckers but as the trout they were small , we did manage a mess of trout and a couple mud suckers by the end of the day . The next morning was a duplicate of the first morning lots of little fish and not a lot of big boy's but we did catch a few good ones but it was still slow on good fish but man were the little ones on . The one good thing is that we caught a lot of fish so we got some good practice in . We headed in so they could go home and i could get ready for Will and his crew to get in , even though we didn't catch a lot of big fish we did catch a lot of fish so it ended up being a fun trip with lot's of fish caught . GOOD DAY KEN

 Friday, July 05, 2013
 After months of wind we finally got a break and seems that we are getting into a summer pattern . Brian with Wayne , Tony and Paul had a great first day winds were calm and the water clear , first stop there was bait in pods all around us and we caught a few trout up to 25 inches there . After a while i decided it was off at that spot so we headed to the next spot for more fish . In the second spot despite it being there first time wadeing we all caught good trout in the 4-6 lb range and got on a school of mud suckers . The rest off the day was about the same caught fish in every spot we went to we went home happy campers . The next morning the winds were not bad but as the day before it was ENE and has been most of the week , and that cleans up the water , except for the floating grass which is at its peak this time of the year . We went to the first stop of the day before and it was same lots of fish just small , Paul caught a couple good ones one in the 5 lb class , the winds blew 15-20 ENE which put the water off color in some areas we didn't get the calm of the day before . But before the day was over we caught a lot of trout , we did get on one school of small mud suckers but nothing like the day before . After 2 days of catching the boys went back with a good chest of fillets , but even though the fishing was good we had a great time that is the most important part of it looking forward to the next group , which looks like next week but the pattern is here . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, June 28, 2013
 Jack and his crew came in and we thought the weather guy's mite be close but as always they weren't winds first off 15+mph SW and with the SW wind it turned the fish off even more , but after a couple stops we hit some gold . On the second area we stopped we got into the mud suckers pretty good , should have caught a limit but a couple of the guy's kept loosing fish right after they hooked up , but thats ok we still managed 8 mud suckers , only a few trout of which a couple went to 28 inches . We hit it hard all day but finally called the dogs , when days are like this it just beats you down so we went to the house hoping that the winds might change directions . The next morning it was just like the day before so we tried a little different plan of attack with about the same results , although we did find a school of small trout so despite the west wind we managed an ok mess of trout with a few mud suckers and a few flounder in the 3 lb range . About mid afternoon we pulled the plug and headed in , even though it was slow we did fill up a 48 quart chest full of fillets , i think with the passing of this cold front it will change the movement of the fish hopefully we will get a stable SE wind for awhile and maybe get rid of some of the croaker soaker's , all that takes is a wind switch and the fish will go back to a pattern that moves them a little shallower , no matter we still had a great day out . KEN

 Monday, June 24, 2013
 Late on reports computer went down back in the saddle again Ger Rick and Buddy arrived with the winds that are now blowing at daylight 20-25 mph which doesn't give the water a chance to settle . But we hit it hard with not much to show but did catch a limit of trout with a few mud suckers . When i did find bait there just wasn't any takers , the bite seemed to be late in the day but with the wind and grass it just wears you out . So we headed in early afternoon to regroup and recharge . The next morning the wind was even stronger , just not much i can report the fish still have a bad case of lock jaw i would like to blame it on the moon , but the prior trip was the same caught a few good fish even limits but just slow . Ger's group did great for the conditions , looking forward for the next group looks like the weather is going to moderate , suppose to be ESE instead of SSW , if we get an ESE we will catch fish . The water is just right on temp the fish should be going crazy feeding but the winds at these speeds make them hunker down , they get tired of the wind just as we do hopefully the next report will be more to talk about . In all the years i have never seen the weather like this year , major cold front moving across the country , what happened to global warming . GOOD DAYS AS ALWAYS KEN

 Friday, June 07, 2013
 According to the weather we were suppose to have ENE winds at 15 mph , what do you know they got it right . Rick and Mike with a couple new guys George and Dante got in and were fired up hoping for a trip of catching , Dante was on his first ever fishing trip so first thing we worked on his casting which he picked up in short order . So after the short lesson we hit it hard . First stop wasn't very good so we went to another spot that when conditions were like they were then , which was glass conditions hold good fish . When we arrive at spot 2 there was two groups of bait swimming around the area , and they were nervous . As soon as we got to were they were i put on a top water (SSJ) and fist cast a big toad hit he was in the 30 inch class , released him and continued on . Rick then started catching and Mike fell right in with him catching , they both caught some good fish at that spot as that area played out we headed of to another stop with about half our limit . The next stop was a little slow at first but i look in the distance and saw a group of drum feeding and making a mud boil i new there would be some fish in there so we walked over to that area and it was on non stop catching not many big ones just lots of action , we finished up in that area as the drum went deep with a few more 22-24 inch trout and caught a lot more legal but smaller fish and some small mud suckers only one kept . Went on further up to another spot that in the past held good fish and right off we started catching some good trout mike had one 26.6 inch trout and we ended up with several trout in the 23 and 24 inch class . We finished off our limit and headed in .The next morning winds were light out of the WNW and later switching to the NE then E , and S all winds were light which made the water pretty clear . First stop the bait was back and being pounded by big trout Rick had a great first stop with some big trout 23-26 inches , the rest of us managed a couple but rick had the hot hand , next stop were the drum had been was better right off started catching trout to 25 inches on top water (SSJ supper spook junior) after that spot we only had to stop a couple more times to finish off , on the way in we stopped to wait on a storm to move by in front of us which all weekend we had to do dodge the storms . It is good to see the weather stabilizing a little the fish are finally getting a little pattern about them , also i wanted to mention the fish we released had a good chance at surviving because of the barb less hooks unlike with barbs were you tear them out and they swim off and die , i am looking forward to more days like these . We ended both days with great trout , one of those days were you just can't do any better if you tried and it was GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Monday, June 03, 2013
 Terrell showed up and it looked like just the right wind light ENE about 5 mph what a change , first stop we tried top waters right off . They seemed to work good second cast hooked up on a pod of bait in front of us to a 24 inch trout , then there was no more bait and that was it , so off to the races looking for fish which we did find in places they were suppose to be in . All day we caught fish just not real good ones but I'm easy we were catching . Called the day with a limit of trout and a couple more nice fish around 22 to 24 inches . The next morning the wind was even calmer and since two of the guys had to be in early we went close to port and had a good morning of catching . After dropping off the other two guys we went back out in search of good fish and good ones we found , i got lucky and hit a good group of trout with some mud suckers mixed in , while Terrel and his son got some good ones in the direction they went . The rest of the day went the same , at one point a school of black drum came by us ,i told Terrell to cast into them that big trout follow them feeding off what they kick up and as soon as he did he was on with a good 25 inch trout and several more in that class . After a good day of catching , it felt good i am really looking forward to more days like this and this day was indeed a GOOD DAY KEN.

 Friday, May 31, 2013
 It has been awhile since Allen has come down , it was good to see him again . The winds weren't all that kind to us again at daylight blowing 15-20 mph , water was off color most every place we went and after the first stop , i figured it was going to be slow . But we did catch fish all day long just not a lot of them , Tod caught one good trout to 28 inches and the rest were in the 17 - 20 inch range , we did manage a limit on trout and a couple 20 inch flounder and no mud suckers the rest of the day . I thought the next day would be like the first but the winds were even worse , i am ready for a change which seems to be coming on Sunday to ENE i hope that will get them going better than it has been . With the second day ending not as good as the day before we headed in with another broke blade on my prop which is brand new this is the second time in two weeks that a blade broke hope they will warranty it we'll try . GOOD DAY KEN

 Saturday, May 25, 2013
 It was really good to have Craig , Dwayne , and there three boy's come down for some fishing this weekend . First thing on Saturday we had to watch a thunderstorm before we headed out and of course i figured out pretty fast that it was going west of us so we went for it . First stop with winds 15-20 mph we got nothing but on the next stop we started catching some good fish to 26 inches . The next stop despite the water being off color the boy's caught several good trout Jeff caught one right at 28 inches and there were several 26 inch ones caught and between dodging the thunder storms it was pretty much like that all day . It wasn't hot and heavy it was just steady catching , so at the end of the day we had a good mess of fish , we headed in hoping that the winds might be better or a least out of the SE a little less . Sunday morning we hit it early since this is memorial weekend it's real crowded , the water was better winds SSE but still blowing 15+ at daylight which makes the clarity better but the fish didn't cooperate as good as the day before , we caught a lot of 20 inch fish and only one in the 25 inch range and no mud suckers like the day before were we did have a couple , and as the day before a couple 20 inch flounder which is always a good bonus . The water in some areas was still off color but as we did the day prior we threw top waters with tails and had a couple fish just no big ones like the day before . The boy's kept asking if top waters would work , i told them to try it every so often and they did and they caught some good fish with them , most of the 26 inch fish were caught on top water the look on Clinton's face when he caught his big fish was priceless, despite the crowds and the winds off colored water we managed two days of catching . It's always fun to have young people down for a trip it's good to see them carry the mantel , and throw artificial lures instead of pot licking with bait . GOOD DAYS OUT KEN

 Wednesday, May 22, 2013
 Put away the waders and wet suit winter is finally over , my first wet wade of the year and it was pretty good . The tournament of last week is over the bay calmed and the fish came out , first stop with Donnie , Tom , and Lynn we caught a couple mud suckers . The next stop we caught trout until we limited and many more , no real big trout just some 22 inch ones , most of them in the 18 -19 inch range which is good trout in my books . I think the fish sense the weather starting to stabilize with the winds staying out of the SSE more than one day or two days at a time , and the water has now gotten to 77 degrees which is a great temperature for fish and man . We tried top waters but no takers with the winds blowing at daylight 18-20 mph makes for a tough day of top waters so we just threw tails and the fish liked it. We headed in with everyone satisfied , for an afternoon of relaxation it was nice to end early on the day with limits after the last couple of outings . The next morning with the winds blowing even harder we went out a little later since it looked like the same pattern so around 9:00 am we headed out , of course you can only get away with going this late on Monday through Thursday . First stop we went were we had done well the day before , i thought it might be a little early and it was , so first stop we had two trout . We went looking for some more and bigger fish , i told Donnie and crew that we would come back to that spot around noon if we didn't find fish elsewhere , after about 3 hours of looking and only catching a few small fish i went back to the first stop . As soon as we got out of the boat we started catching trout and they were all bigger than the day before , today the average is in the 19-20 inch range , after about an hour of fishing there we were through with our limit and could have had several more limits , so we headed in again early Tom and Donnie said there goal was complete so they didn't even want to look for any mud suckers they just wanted trout . So after a successful two days we headed in to relax . If the last to days were a sign of things to come it is going to get real good fast . GOOD DAY OUT KEN

 Thursday, May 16, 2013
 The tournament is hear so Joe and his son with two of there friends louse and don got in on Wednesday , so we could fish Thursday through Saturday the tournament is on Friday and Saturday . The pre fish day was OK caught some good fish and no mud suckers, all day was Ok with some good solid trout to 25 inches so i figured it would be good the rest of the time . So after a good day behind us we were looking forward to the next day hoping to do good which we found out later was ok for us . All day long we struggled to find fish the winds were just real bad and not so much the speed as much as the direction SSW about 18 mph at day light which is pretty much the kiss here since that puts it straight down the gut and trashes both sides . At the end of the day we were in 8th place but first on flounder , i could not find the mud suckers at all we ended up with two but they were 21 inches so not much weight . The next day i was looking to catch a little bigger trout with some mud suckers , but the winds were even harder this morning , after all day of fishing hard i called calf rope and we went in to the weight in . We ended up the tournament in sixth place but we won 1 and 2nd on flounder so it wasn't all that bad even though the fishing was slow i enjoyed fishing with these guy's . I am looking forward to the weather getting right i think it is around the corner . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, May 13, 2013
 Well it seems were not through with winter yet , another front just came through a few days ago , and with a front every three days it has got the fish as confused as we are . Ger and Rick with buddy in tow showed up for the weirdest may i have ever seen here . We fished hard and long with a little luck on trout and no mud suckers . You would think with the water staying a little cooler would help but the fish have lock jaw , like i haven't seen in years we did manage a limit with a couple trout up to 24 inches but it was tough . Soft plastic is the only thing that the fish want right now i have thrown top water until my arm hurt , with no results .So the next day we tried a different approach but it was just like the day before slow but steady this day, and no big fish just fish , i think we had one to 25 but all the rest were 18-22 inches . I am indeed looking forward to the weather getting stable , i think then the fish will get that way , so we headed in with an ok stringer of fish hoping that it will be better next month when they come back . As always the next trip might come through and produce for us it is the big tournament for the port and the only one i fish so I hope we do ok . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Monday, May 06, 2013
 Mike & Charles and Frank hit it just right the winds were kind and the water was pretty good didn't get in a hurry to head out since the fish when it is decent haven't been moving until late morning . And i was right we started catching fish around 8:00 am and it was pretty much steady catching all day , no mud suckers and no flounder but we did catch good solid trout to 24 in half inches , so after a good day of catching and not just fishing we headed in to a good supper of fresh fish at the local restaurant . Got up and headed out the next morning and i was excited after a day like the one before i was ready to catch , and the second day was about like the first, only the trout were a little smaller only a few 22 inch fish and the rest just average 18 - 20 inches . Frank had a good second day and the rest had decent days so everybody caught fish pretty much all day again , i really hope this is a sign of things to come . Now if we can get rid of a tournament every weekend the fish might be able to get on a pattern , it really looks like the weather is going to start getting stable with the jet stream moving back up were it belongs so i am looking forward to the next group . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, May 03, 2013
 Adam came in with his crew for a couple days of fishing , and of course we got another front which is still one to two a week , it seems that we are in the winter that wouldn't end . We headed out late since this front was like the last few in that it blew hard the first day and calmed the next . I just couldn't find any decent water this time it was bad all over , we ground away all afternoon it was slow , we did manage to catch a few fish before i gave up so after a really slow day we headed in without much in the way of fish , good news we didn't get skunked . The next morning the winds were a lot better but the damage was done the water was a little bit better but the fish were hunkered down . I think the fish are like us and wondering what is going on , i have never seen the fish act like this in the winter so i guess with the long days and all the signs of spring the fish are really confused . We did manage an ok mess of fish but not even close to what we should be catching now . I have to hand it to Adam and his crew they hung tough and ground away with no complaints , and we had a good time and they did leave with some fish in the box , and it still was a GOOD DAYS OUT . KEN

 Thursday, April 25, 2013
 Will came down with Matt and Bill and the other guy's didn't make it , so we had to have great fishing by ourselves . And that we did catching good trout to 29 inches for a couple day's is always fun and every once in awhile throw in a mud sucker and a flounder makes for good times . But with Will he has the luck of the draw always , i know that when Will books a trip it is going to be good , so as always it was despite the weather being so messed up it was a good two day's of fishing . Looks like i am off for a little while will be hitting it hard in a few day's , hope the great fishing continues i like it . Hopefully it will warm enough to wet wade i am tired of wearing wader's , it's just to hard to take a leak . So once again two days of great fishing has come to an end and i look forward to some more good days ahead . GOOD DAYS KEN

 Friday, April 19, 2013
 Mike my youngest son ,and Tod who was suppose to come in but at the last minute Tod got sick , so i called Creg S. so him and his cousin Ray came instead . As has been the case a front came through on Thursday so Friday morning looked a little bumpy with NNE winds blowing at around 20-25 mph . We hit it running and all day long we caught great trout and a couple mud suckers and a few flounder . Ray had a good day of 24-28 inch trout , and everybody had a good day Ray's was just better. Of course i figured that it would be like the last fronts and it was , Friday was great while Saturday was slow . These late season fronts are making the fish a little spooky , so for the next couple day's it was slow we caught a few good trout but the bigger fish seem to be affected a little more than the little one's , but thats ok because we are around the corner from the weather becoming stable . This year our winter seemed to come in April rather than February and March , it's not long now and it is going to bust wide open and the bait will pod up and it will get a lot easier , i won't give up on spring fishing it as a rule is about the best time of the year when it is a normal spring pattern, it has been anything but normal , better day's are ahead and it is going to get good overnight , and the slow days will go away. GOOD DAY KEN

 Monday, April 15, 2013
 It kind of looked like the winds might moderate a little , and later in the morning winds were down to 18-20 mph . Darrel and Rick are the only ones that made it , and we did catch a lot of good trout to 3 lbs . it wasn't fast and furious but kind of steady . The water is up with some good tide movement almost all day slow coming in and with the strong ESE winds it has brought a lot of water with it . We managed to find quite a bit of good water and fished the transition water more than not , and it was a fair success , the fish seem to be sitting on the bottom being lazy, and after a decent day catching we headed in for super and the rack , next morning it was almost the same conditions as the day before . We went by the route of the day before and the first couple spots weren't a very productive but toward the end of the day it got much better , tails were the only thing that really worked well both days . By the end of the second day we had another good catch of trout only had one to 5 lbs , and no flounder like the day before when we caught four in the 3-4 lb range , but we did have a great catch of fish for both days i hope the next front doesn't blow us out so we can continue the luck . GOOD DAY KEN